Larry Bird’s Executive Award Confirms Basketball Superiority Over Michael Jordan

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During Larry Bird’s final few years in the NBA, in the early 1990s, Michael Jordan was finally coming into his own as what many argue to be “the greatest player of all-time.” With their exits from the game, Bird and Magic Johnson were leaving behind a legacy of great rivalries, but more importantly a void at the top of the NBA food chain. Jordan was quick to snatch up the role of basketball gatekeeper, and the history of the league was immediately changed forever. Six NBA titles in six-straight seasons for Jordan — if it weren’t for a two-year baseball hiatus and it could’ve been eight. He was selected to 14 All-Star teams, won 10 league scoring titles and is a five-time NBA MVP. Needless to say, Jordan’s status as “the greatest” can’t necessarily be argued. But on Wednesday, Larry Bird did something that Michael Jordan has never and likely will never be able to accomplish. The former Celtics legend and current Pacers president of basketball operations was named the NBA’s 2011-12 Executive of the Year, just months after a reported departure from his hometown Indiana franchise seemed imminent. With the newest honor, Bird becomes the first NBA player to ever win an MVP (three times, 1984-1986), coach of the year (1998) and executive of the year award. The feat puts Bird not among elite company, but in a basketball stratosphere all his own.

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