Big Content wants to bring SOPA-style policies to Canada

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Anti-piracy efforts in the United States have been so successful that they should be imported to Canada. At least, that’s the view of the Canadian Intellectual Property Council, an arm of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce that represents the interests of major content companies in Canada. A white paper urges Canadian policymakers to introduce domain seizures, criminal prosecutions and asset seizures of online sharing sites, and even SOPA-style regulation of intermediaries.

Anti-piracy efforts, the report says, are “increasingly occurring through partnerships with ‘online intermediaries.’ Typically, positive relationships between rights holders and these intermediaries, including online payment processors, search engines, Internet service providers, online advertisers, online retailers, web auction sites, web hosting providers, domain name system (DNS) registries, and social media platforms, can provide the basis for cooperation in the prevention of counterfeit distribution.”

And, in the view of the CIPC, “This relationship requires the support of government. The existence of remedies that include blocking orders, domain seizure, and contributory liability are useful tools to encourage the cooperation of intermediaries who do not wish to be involved in the illicit activity.”

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